The Portfolio Project

The Technical Theater
Final Portfolio Project 

This is a complete production design project.

Students will understand the elements of design in theatre and the importance of creating original, thoughtful and dynamic design work for the stage.

The Total pts for the portfolio is to TDB once the time frame for the project is set.
(pts can vary year to year depending on the mainstage build time)

The Purpose of the Project:
The students will be able to execute a complex design portfolio for a show of their choice

They will be able to manage a small portion of the responsibility each member of the creative staff has on any given production.

They will see the relationships between the various members of the production staff. 

They will be able to navigate their time to adhere to all the deadlines we face working on any show for a public staging.  

They will see their final work shown to the class, reflect on it's artistic merit, hear opinions from their peers, and predict the power it could have if presented to an actual audience. 


Dramaturg packet
(to be checked off when completed)

O -  Read the Play.

O -  All outlines completed for your play (some questions answered
       on separate lined paper)

O -  All visual image collages from the web and all other  research 
       for the play attached


Poster Design and T-shirt Designs


O  -  2 tab of thumbnails  (brainstorming) - one for your poster
                                                                   - one for you t-shirt

O  -  2 (B/W) rough draft of your designs (1/2 page rough drafts)

O  -  1 Final T-shirt Design – hand-drawn

       (8 ½ X 11 paper) - turned horizontal   
                                   - completed in black “Sharpie”

            must include: production co., title,  author(s), dates

O  -  1 Final Poster Design  – hand-drawn or digital

       (11 X 17  legal paper) - turned vertical 
                                           - full color

            must include: production co., time, location, date, ticket
                                   price, title, author

Press Release

O  -  (1 page typed) - Press Release for the show you are producing
                                 - Must try to sell the show to the press!

                  3 paragraphs : (show info from poster, details about
                                           your production, why they should see it)

Costume Design


O  -  1 tab of thumbnails – (8) modular drawings (4 for each
                                           character you plan to costume)

O   -  2 (B/W) – costume rough drafts -(1/2 page each)
                         One for each character you’ve chosen to dress

O  -  1  Final Costume Design– (full page) – in Color
                         one character you’ve chosen to dress

                     must include:  the character in a pose / all clothing and
                                           accessories / fabric samples attached/ 
                                           and labeled

Prop Design


O  -  1 tab of thumbnails - (8) possible props you would have to
                                           make by hand.

O  -  2 (B/W) – prop rough drafts - (1/2 page each)

O  -  1 Final Prop Design (full page) – in Color

                 Must include: The directions and materials you would
                                        use to “make” this prop / labeled

Set Design


O  -  1 tab of thumbnails - (8) arial “bird’s eys” views of your
                                   possible floorplans

                    Must include: all necessary scenery and furniture in
                                          the drawing that the scene requires.

O  -  1 Arial of the set - drawn to scale (1” = 1’) (drawn on 
                                      the Little Theater plot provided)

                  Must include: all necessary scenery and furniture in the
                                         drawing that the scene req.- labeled

O  -  1 Rough draft – Frontal Elevation-(audience view) of the set

            (8 ½ X 11 paper) – turned horizontal – B/W
                                          - with proscenium arch drawn in


1 Final Frontal Elevation - (audience view) of the set 

           (11 X 17 paper) - turned horizontal - full color
                                     - with proscenium arch drawn in
                                      - (1/2" = 1' scale)

1 Model of the set cardboard or other materials
                               - drawn / cut / folded / glued or taped 
                                   (Also to a ½”=1’ scale) or (1" = 1' scale)

Examples from previous projects


Final Reflection Paper  

(Completed during the “Gallery Walk” of all the portfolios made in the class)

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