Reading and Analysis of Scripts

 Breaking down the Story...
What about it makes it tick?                                                   

Script Analysis 
(to be answered on a separate sheet of lined paper) 

I.                 The Time period(s) is/are ?

II.               The Genre(s) of the play is/are ?

III.             The Theme(s) (or morals, lessons..etc)

IV.            Physical Requirements Outline (what does the playwright tell you to have on the stage)

1.     List all the locations the play goes to (be specific)

     a. Describe the surroundings

2.     List all the set pieces needed to accomplish the    
        individual locations visited

3.     Describe the backdrop of the set (ONLY if it is a
        moving set and not a box set)

4.     List all props absolutely needed for the play

5.     How many characters?

6.     Describe the costumes needed for each character

7.     List any special effects or sound effects needed for the play

V.              Deconstruct the “Purpose” and “Meaning” of the play

1.      What is your emotional response (a short paragraph)

a.      How does it make you feel? (mood?)

b.     Where does it make you feel? (head or heart?)

c.      Why does it make you feel that way?

d.     What is the message or point of the show? (try for something universal in its tone…plays are for everyone)

2.     What is the plot statement of the play? (write it down
         in 1 sentence)

3.      What are 5 adjectives to describe the play?

4.     What are 3 colors to represent the play and why those
        particular colors? (these become your pallete)

5.      What is the biggest symbol in the play? (will hold a
         definite relationship with the message being sent)

6.      What are 5 smaller symbols also used to help with the

7.     What is the biggest conflict in the play?

8.     What is the conclusion, resolution or discovery that
         brings the situation to an end?

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