WEEK 1 - Unit 1 - Thumbnail drawings

WEEK 1 - Technical Theater



Activity:  Play script: Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
"Set Design”/ “Scenic Design” – Thumbnail drawings (brainstorming a design)
Objective: Students will be able to see how well they can create a different design for each space under a specific time restriction.
Define a thumbnail / and how to lay out the theater "proscenium" template into the thumbnails
                                    (fold paper into 8 squares)

    1.)    Mr. Schaefer reads the set description directly from the script.
    2.)    Mr. Schaefer gives the expectation of at least 4 drawings in 2 minutes
    3.)    Set timer for 2 minutes and draw something in each square that applies to the setting described
    4.)    Talk about using the whole stage/make a playground/use all the elements given
    5.)  PROMPT: Mr. Schaefer talks about various options and keeps the drawers moving.


#1.) Talk about the ideas everyone shared, the push to reduce censuring oneself, and the ideas that were unique for each element of the description the playwright gave (country road, tree, evening). 

#2.) We also explore the idea of "common knowledge" and the goal of the artist to find ways to create something new from the without being the same choice as the others around them, trying to avoid being predictable, designing something flat and not exciting to look at, or something that is cliche or over done. 


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