WEEK 3 - Visual Image Collages - Dramaturgy

"Without an Understanding of ALL Parts of the World of the Play...We Will Not Do It Justice"

10 pts (each page)- Image Collages for the Main Stage Show

Objective: Students will be able to make the distinction between a design based on commom knowledge and a design created from research and script analysis.

Activity: Students will spend time in the computer lab over several visit to collect images to use as inspiration for their designs.
With each image collage assignment they are held more and more responsible for connecting their design choices to the script.


The Dramaturg is the "research artist" for the production and works directly with the production staff and the cast.

This position should appear in the hierarchy of the show's production staff, but we are going to study this particular job directly so it deserves it's own page.

The work is involved and it requires a lot of dedication to the script, a thirst for knowledge, a love of the English language, meticulous organizational and you must have public speaking skills.

Some background:

Historically, Yale School of Drama has been a pioneer in this country in introducing and establishing the dramaturg as an essential presence in the creation of theatre and as a key member of a theatre’s staff. Under the supervision of the resident dramaturg of Yale Repertory Theatre, students are assigned to work on many varied productions, including those of new scripts by School of Drama playwrights, workshops, and full productions by School of Drama directors, and professional presentations of classical and contemporary works at Yale Rep itself.

Among the areas in which Dramaturgs participate are:

Text preparation and oversight
Translation and adaptation
Preproduction and rehearsal work on issues of design, direction, and performance
Contextual research
Program and study guide notes and preparation
The conducting of audience discussions
Participation in educational outreach programs
Related work in conjunction with the marketing and media departments

Students also assist in Yale Repertory Theatre’s literary office with script evaluation and communication with writers and agents. Thus students are trained in topics in institutional dramaturgy, including the formulation of artistic policy and its communication and implementation, and as production dramaturgs, operating within the rehearsal process.

A Video of a Student at Yale studying this craft:

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